Trip Info
Trip Information

Even when it is winter here the weather can be is considerably hot. During the day typical temperature ranges from 20ºC to 35 ºC. It's not as the Brazilian Amazon since it's at a much higher altitude. This also means quite cool nights and mornings when and a fleece might be needed.

Occasional short and strong rains can be expected that usually come together south wind and a fast descent in the temperature. Considering that you will be wet wading 99% of the time, anglers should carry a drybag with a insulation underwear, an extra shirt, a polar-tech fleece and light gore-tex rain jackets and pants. Always.

The recommended clothing for the your fishing week would be:

  • 3 ventilated flats shirts
  • 3 pair of fast drying pants
  • 1 pair of fast drying shorts
  • 3 pair of socks for wading or light weight Neoprene socks
  • Next-to-skin baselayer
  • 1 fleece jackets or sweater
  • 1 Light Gore-Tex or similar rain jacket.
  • Lightweight Gore-tex waders for June-August months.
  • Strong and durable Wading Boots. Felt sole is highly recommended. Studded felt soles are recommended for the one that are not familiar with wading in mountain streams. Do not bring rubber soles. Theydon't work on those streams. All boots are disinfected on your arrival at the lodge.
  • Dry Bag or back-pack. We recommend Water resistant backpacks or lumbar packs. Fishing vests is too much for warm weather.

This jungle is surprisingly friendly. Some no-see-ums and some mosquitoes might appear. As for the rest, remind that this is virgin rainforest where all kind off spiders and strange insects live. We recommend guest not to go deep into the Jungle, pass through dense vegetation or turn round logs, fallen leaves, etc.
All constructions are constantly fumigated to avoid surprises and all beds have mosquito nets.
We strongly recommend wearing long sleeve shirts and pants during your fishing week. The best way to protect from bugs and no see ums are the insect repellent. Use them all day long and while at the lodge open areas. We suggest washing your clothes in Permethrin prior to traveling.

All visitors to Bolivia should carry Yellow Fever Vaccine certification.
Passport valid for at least six months from the date of proposed entry into Bolivia is required to enter and depart Bolivia. For most European countries no visa is required.

American Citizens: U.S. citizens seeking to enter Bolivia as tourists must have an entry visa. Bolivian tourist visas can be applied for by mail or in person at Bolivian consulates in the U.S., as well as at Bolivian ports of entry, such as at Bolivia's international airports and at land border crossings. Bolivian tourist visas are valid for five years from the date of issuance. The cost of the tourist visa is $140 U.S. dollars. The $140 fee can be paid in cash, by deposit to the Bolivian Consulate's bank account or by money order.

Recommended: Tourists applying for their visa upon arrival to Bolivia must pay this fee in cash to immigration authorities. In addition to the $140 fee, the applicant must present a visa application form with a 4x4 centimeters color photograph, a passport with a validity of not less than 6 months. Please visit the Embassy of Bolivia web site at for details on how to apply or contact the nearest Bolivian Embassy or Consulate.

Bolivian consulates in the United States are located in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Oklahoma City, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC. (202) 232 4827/8. We strongly recommend Trip cancellation insurance.

We strongly suggest not drinking water from the tap in any Bolivian City or at the lodge. Mineral water or adequately purified water will be always available.

Tsimane jungle

We strongly recommend our guests to visit their Travel Doctor that will help you out with health care maters.
Eastern Bolivia is considered Denge Fever influenced area. This generally not mortal illness is dangerous in the low land areas and in the rainy season from December to April. Even when this is not our fishing area or season, there been many cases in the Santa Cruz city. To avoid this illness, we recommend guests to wear long sleeve shirt and pants always and use insect repellent in this city.

Eastern Bolivia is considered Leishmaniasis influenced area. The disease is carried by infected sand flies – please note not all sand flies are carriers – and can cause open sores in addition to other health complications. Presently there is not a preventive inoculation or medications such as we see with Yellow Fever or Malaria and no early detection method available. That said, like many worldwide health issues, the best method of addressing this issue is to be aware and prepare.

In a proactive effort, Untamed Angling has hired tropical disease specialists to consult for the company and develop a lodge staff policy and manual as well as assisting in angler education. The ultimate goal here is a two pronged attack to minimalize risk and maximize awareness of anyone visiting Bolivia.

When outside, wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and socks. Tuck your shirt into your pants.


Lodge Guidelines: Untamed Angling is committed in a procedure manual to increase infra structure protection and proactive staff measures.

Please restrain to bring unnecessary weight to the jungle lodges. Luggage weight Limit is 25 kilos. Remind that we use small planes for transfers and we are really strict in all security matters and weight might be a limitation. You will be able to leave items not needed at camp with the Hotel KAMP's concierge if you are returning to the hotel at the end of the week. We recommend this for travelling clothes, etc.

All of us involved will be doing everything we can to ensure your enjoyment on this unique expedition.

However, travel to Bolivian wilderness can present problems. Weather can cause flight delays in and out of the camps and possible missed connections, imposing additional costs or delay in your return home. This is beyond our control and realm of responsibility. Please accommodate that possibility in your planning and your state of mind. The key is to be open-minded and tolerant, knowing that some things are done in a different way in Bolivia.

Nothing works fine all the time anywhere. Take things in your stride, relax, and make the most of every day. We may all enjoy a Dorado fishing destination of a quality that few have ever known. On the other hand, weather or whatever could impose disappointments.

We know you'll be well received at Tsimane and that everyone will be doing their best to make you comfortable, to enhance the fishing, and to provide a most memorable experience.

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